Lottie Voras

(The information on this carrd is not all public knowledge and can be found out through RP with Lottie.)

Owner of Tsukiakari Night Club, Lottie is a mysterious Viera of rather unknown origin...

Lottie is a moon rabbit spirit with the ability to transform into a small black rabbit with white face markings matching those on her cheeks. As an Astrologian she has power over gravity magic and stars, and the phases of the moon determine what kind of spells she can create.

Born as a rabbit spirit on the moon with her sister Beth, the two were separated onto different shards of Hydaelyn when they were forced to leave their moon home. Lottie went to the Source, Beth the First. Lottie found home amongst a village of spiritual beings while Beth ended in the tribal Viis of Raktika as a huntress.

Lottie moved away from the village to work on her night club Tsukiakari with her lover Kaldalis. During this time she became the owner of two pet rabbits, Luna and Eclipse.

A portal to Il Mheg in a seaside cafe has enabled Beth to visit, and will likely mean she can travel back and forth.

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Tsukiakari Night Club
Artwork by Aegeah